HAND GEL ANTIBACTERIAL Aloe and Provitamin B5 - 70% alcohol 5 l.


In order maintain appropriate hend hygine and to reduce the risks of bacterial and viral infections this antibacterial gel is recommended to be used whenever it is necessary. For applications at home, at work, while travelling, at school, while doing shopping, in a toilet.


Apply small amount of antibacterial gel and proceed to rub it in until the hands are dry and clean.

Antibacterin gel with aloe and provitamin B5 - 5 L.



ANTIBACTERIN GEL with aloe vera and B5 provitamin on

Catkins Ready-to-use alcoholic preparation for hygienic hand disinfection in places where it is necessary

maintaining the highest hygiene standards - stores, beauty and hairdressing salons, veterinary surgeries, fitness clubs, gyms and educational establishments.

- ready for use,

- intended for hygienic disinfection of the skin of the hands,

- does not dry the skin,

- fights bacteria, fungi, mycobacteria and viruses,

- dermatologically tested,

- immediate and prolonged action

- closed in an airtight container to prevent the product from escaping,

- with a delicate smell

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