Women's perfumes 100 ml

Women's perfumes 100 ml

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SORAYA 100 ml

SORAYA:  fascinating, floral fragrance for women with a sophisticated taste, perfectly emphasizes beauty and personality. Inspired by luxurious Parisian fashion. No man will be able to resist you and every woman will want to be like you.

SICRET 100 ml

SiCRET: this perfumes are certainly much lighter than the classic one. In the list of notes we will find a calendula which is a key ingredient. Beautiful, but very subtle flower mixed with sweet,ripe and warm mandarin with a bit of gloden powder. Wonder.



EAUFRAICHE TENDRE: this is clearly masculine fragrance, whill will boost your confidence at any time of the day. This is the scent of flowers on the leather backing. It could be use everyday or on special events.

SARA 100 ml

SARA:  fresh notes which gets straight into your senses. It takes us to the bliss garden, inviting to surrender to our desires. This fragrance is great for women who appreciate sensual experiences and are not afraid to indulge in the pleasure.

Mer Bleu 100 ml

MER BLEU:  this characterical mix of scents is suitable for an evening out in theater, casino or party. This fragranceis very charming and everyone will find in it something to adore. It is rich in various beautiful notes with dominating rose scent.


QUATRE SAISONS:  fruity and floral fragrance with oriental note for energetic and confident women. It is suitable for both everyday use and special events. You don't need chocolate or love confessions to experience euphoria of your senses.

Jasmine Gold 100 ml

JASMINE GOLD:  this is made for brave, determined, crazy and full of energy women. Sweet, floral scent with fresh and woody notes for dominant and passionate women. Fragrance which is perfect for colder days and special events.

Jasmine Black 100 ml

JASMINE BLACK:  this is an oriental and floral fragrance, which is wonderful to wear all year round. Those perfumes symbolize luxury and highest quality. They are perfect for special events as they highlight uniqueness nad importance of the moment. Woman who will use this perfume will always be in the centre of attention and desires of men.

Jasmine Diamond 100 ml

JASMIN DIAMOND:  fresh flowery scent for naturally elegant woman. This modern fragrance  is full of energy and joy. Perfect for everyday use and for special events. 


ZAHRA SENSUELLE:  sensual fruity-floral fragrance for a woman who wants to show off her sensual side, perfect for an evening out. The scent is combined with subtle sweetness and intense notes which will awake your senses. This is the fragrance which will help you to highlight your feminity.


ZAHRA BELLE :  romantic, floral scent for elegant women. It is suitable for everyday use. Luxury composition of flowers, citrus and soft wood which gives you a promise of eternal youth.