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QUATRE SAISONS:  fruity and floral fragrance with oriental note for energetic and confident women. It is suitable for both everyday use and special events. You don't need chocolate or love confessions to experience euphoria of your senses.


Top : pineapple, nectarine, mandarin, grapefruit.

Heart : freesia, jasmine, apricot blossom.

Base : vanilla, patchouli, musk, candyfloss.


ORIGINAL: woody and spicy fragrance for a man who knows what he wants, suitable for everyday use. Change any day into extraordinary experience. This characteristic eau de toilette for men conceals a combination of a dose of luxury, harmony and an active lifestyle. It is actually made for a successful and ambitious man who knows what he wants and is not afraid to fight for this.

Jasmine Gold 100 ml

JASMINE GOLD:  this is made for brave, determined, crazy and full of energy women. Sweet, floral scent with fresh and woody notes for dominant and passionate women. Fragrance which is perfect for colder days and special events.

JC 100 ml

JC: aromatic fragrance with lemon and mint notes for men. It perfectly represents strength and sensuality. This fragrance composition symbolizes love and desire and it was created for a strong and confident man who knows exactly what he wants.

Jasmine Black 100 ml

JASMINE BLACK:  this is an oriental and floral fragrance, which is wonderful to wear all year round. Those perfumes symbolize luxury and highest quality. They are perfect for special events as they highlight uniqueness nad importance of the moment. Woman who will use this perfume will always be in the centre of attention and desires of men.

GRAND 100 ml

GRAND: it is a symbol of success and the highest quality. Well fitted to every occasion for people with innovative approach to style, who appreciate freedom. Number one globally in fashion industry.

Jasmine Diamond 100 ml

JASMIN DIAMOND:  fresh flowery scent for naturally elegant woman. This modern fragrance  is full of energy and joy. Perfect for everyday use and for special events. 

DIVIN 100 ml

DIVIN: this is a new offer for modern gentelman. Full of contrasts, with a complex and expressive character. Expressive combination of iris, sensual essence of patchouli and black pepper.