Curling mascara 11 ml

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A beautiful gaze is primarily the effect of healthy, long lashes. The Jean Careno mascara line highlights the beauty of every woman. We designed special mascaras with the following applications:

  • Thickening mascara – immediately increases the volume of lashes. It shapes the lashes well, while a unique brush prevents the formation of lumps.
  • Extending mascara – makes the lashes look extremely long. The brush is designed to reach every lash and, as a result, the lashes are perfectly separated.
  • Curling mascara – curls the lashes to make them fluttery, adding freshness and depth to the gaze.

Each mascara type comes with a properly selected brush for maximum effect.

All our mascaras contain:

  • Collagen, which is responsible for the flexibility of lashes.
  • Castor oil, which has a very positive effect on the lashes, making them well-nourished, thick and shiny as well as protecting them against falling out and breaking.


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