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Hair dye

Choose your perfect color from 21 amazingly intense and long lasting shades.

Shampoo volume 2 in 1 300 ml

The shampoo’s unique H-System formula contains carefully selected ingredients to give hair an exceptional boost. Leaves your hair supple, manageable and easy to comb.

Shampoo smoothing 2 in 1 300 ml

Special treatment for unmanageable hair. The H-System formula has been enriched with exceptional ingredients to prevent static hair leaving your hair deeply moisturised and easy to comb.

Regnerating hair mask Volume 250 ml

Carefully selected ingredients for deep nourishment and easy to comb hair. The H-System formula enhanced with special ingredients leaves your hair supple and volumised.

Regenerating mask for normal and greasy hair 250 ml

Carefully selected ingredients contained in the mask for normal and greasy hair H-System helps to comb your hair and give them strength and vitality.Herbal extract regulates the secretion of sebum through sebaceous glands in the scalp.